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Naoki's Flying Lab is an online salon where Naoki Nakamura exposes his life as an athlete challenging to become the world's best ski jumper. It is a real-time documentary in which Naoki Nakamura, who lives by the motto "Enjoy everything in life," shares with everyone in the lab what he has learned, felt, thought, and suffered in the process of challenging ski jumping, without concealment. You can also learn deeply about ski jumping based on Naoki Nakamura's own experiences and knowledge. In addition, you can learn not only about ski jumping, but also about exercise, training, diet, mental aspects, and various other knowledge and skills necessary for an athlete. Occasionally, you will be involved in projects.

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Each day, we will cover a variety of topics related to ski jumping, posting about people, cultures, countries, foods, and honest thoughts. For example, we will cover a wide range of topics such as profiles of famous athletes, ski jumping cultures and customs from around the world, and foods and recipes closely related to ski jumping.

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・Support for all!/Online and Offline

All members enjoy ski jumping together, and we gather together and cheer at the games during competitions in various regions and countries. In the past, we enjoyed competitions at the All-Japan Championships in Hakuba and the World Cup in Sapporo. We have also had our appearance featured on world broadcast television. We are also online at overseas competitions, chatting while watching live scores during World Cup jumping matches.

It is great to enjoy ski jumping alone, but when you have the same friends, the competition becomes twice or three times more interesting, and you can enjoy ski jumping even more because of the daily posts and live streaming of the background. For example, during a competition in Slovenia in the spring of 2023, Nakamura, who was a heck of a jumper in Finland the week before, talked about why he couldn't fly on a small jumper and how he felt he could fly better on a bigger one, resulting in a new personal best of 237m and 7th place. I think I enjoyed that jump even more because we were talking about joy and sorrow and technique in the lab.

​・Labo Meetings/Offline

We get together and have an off-line meeting after a game or when Nakamura returns to Japan. We often bring European souvenirs, exchange local specialties from different regions with everyone, and talk over a meal. Also, once a year, Nakamura goes on a tour around Japan to say thank you to those who have supported us. In the spring of 2023, we held a lab camp on Osagi Island in Hiroshima Prefecture, where we spent three days and two nights interacting with the islanders, helping them catch wakame seaweed, picking bamboo shoots, and enjoying barbecues.

Member-driven club activities/online and offline
・Game club

We play Minecraft, UNO online, Discord, and google voice connection, and offline we play cards.

Main contents
Naoki News (daily)
Guerrilla Live Streaming (irregular)
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Q1: I don't have a Facebook account, can I join?
Our online salon is a community using a private Facebook group.
A Facebook account is required to join. If you wish to join our Online Salon, we ask you to open a Facebook account.

Q2: Is it necessary to set up a Facebook icon image and profile?
We ask that you set up your profile so that everyone can interact with you safely. We also ask that you register using your real name and full name.

Q3: I live overseas, can I still join?
We have many members who live overseas. Our community is well-developed with online contents, so even if you are from far away, you will be satisfied with our community.

Q4: What is the payment method?
Payment is made by DMM points or credit card. We accept VISA, JCB, American Express, and Diners.

Q5: About friend application
Basically, we ask you to exchange friend requests at your own discretion.
Please understand that some people cannot be added due to work reasons.

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