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Naoki Nakamura

Who is Naoki Nakamura?

I am an ski jumper.

I started my business for ski jumping.

I am in Germany for ski jumping.

I often travel alone.

I am just trying to survive.
I like beer.But I'm weak on alcohol.

I also like cheese. I also like milk.



Passion for ski jumping

I started ski jumping at the age of 11, and at first I was an athlete competing for first and second place. At that time I was very fat, so much so that I was nicknamed "Onigiri-kun". However, the more I wanted to jump farther and more beautifully in ski jumping, the more I started thinking about what I could do to lose weight and put it into practice. I have trained both my mind and body, and now I have reached a level where I can compete in the Olympics, but I still have the desire to jump even farther. I feel that as a ski jumper, I will be 29 years old at the 2026 Italian Olympics and 33 years old in 2030, and these will be very challenging years for both my mind and body.

Responsibilities as a player

Since I was a child, my father worked in the meteorological field, so I have been interested in environmental issues. Since I decided to make a living from my passion, ski jumping, I absolutely do not want to make anyone or the future unhappy because of what I love. Since starting my own company in 2019, I have been offsetting the CO2 emissions from the planes and cars I use to compete every year, and donating 10 yen per meter to an NPO that works on sustainable activities.


Please click here to download the PR and sponsorship materials and fee schedule on SNS.


I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Please contact me.

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