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by Naoki Nakamura

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Sports enrich our lives, and sports contribute to a sustainable society.Will connect the world by sharing the same moment of play to overcome cultural and language barriers.We value the feelings of joy and happiness and help each person to enjoy life.

Begined by a ski jumper.
A company to make ski jumping sustainable.

Naoki Nakamura

CEO/Skijumping player

09.19.1996/Sapporo/Tolai Univ,Design,Architect/

2017,Universiade Gold,2022 Beijing Olympics

​/New ways of being an athlete made possible by the digital age

/Create an environment that strengthens players.

​/Working with Sponsors to Build the Future

It was started in 2019 by Naoki Nakamura after he graduated from college.

Going to jump with the aim of eliminating war from the world with ski jump.


What I couldn't do on my own,
we could do together.

Changing the world together with athletes in online salon (online communities)

/Live streaming for members only

/Mutual communication regardless of country or location

/Meta-space implementation (planned)

/Start a project and implement it together.

/Off-line meeting with players

make the future as many meters as Ski Jump.
Work with others to offset the amount the player flies./1m x 1 yen

Distance flown in FISWC 2021


Carbon dioxide emitted from travel in2021


Responsibility for ski jumping

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