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Sustaining the Earth


What is Naometer.

The project is to use one yen per meter for the SDGs.
Naometer at the time was an achievement-linked social contribution project that started in 2019. The more Naoki Nakamura flies in the ski jump, the more miles he accumulates, and the more he contributes to the SDGs through donations and tsukuru services.
Starting in 2021, it will be updated to a participatory project, calculated on a scale of 1m x 1 yen x person, and will be used for projects such as Tsukutsuku, which promotes the sharing economy, and SDGs Village Hokkaido, which aims for a sustainable society.


Where's the money?



In 2020-2021, it was 7062.5 m. In spite of the spread of the coronavirus, the efforts of the tournament officials and the cooperation of the teams allowed the World Cup to be fought to the end.


・SDGs Village Hokkaido
We are working to make Hokkaido an advanced sustainable society.

​・Tsukutsuk EC site
Participants can use it for environmentally friendly products and services that are available on the sharing economy platform Tsukutsuk.

Lets try!

Try experiencing sustainability first.
Join me for a season and fly with me to challenge the world in the World Cup.
Flying together is the first step towards sustainability.

[Naometer point ①]

/ You can fight in a ski jumping match with Kingu /
Each time the Kingu flies, the SDGs miles will increase. The higher you go, the longer you can fly, so fly a lot and aim for the podium!

[Naometer point ②]

/ Become a Naometer Crew and travel around the world /
Nao King travels around the world. Naometer can travel the world with Naokingu, just like traveling on an airplane.
After the match, controller Wacky will send you flight information and the latest information on Naometer. In addition, Kingu will also report on the site to the crew through the video.

[Naometer point ③]

/ Experience SDGs /
This project contains four SDGs.

・ Sharing economy
This project uses a sloppy market tuk-tuk. This tuk-tuk shop shares profits by sharing points. "SDGs | Goal 1 Let's get rid of poverty"

・ Material recycling (not implemented in the test version)
Use a portion of the SDGs miles in the Bring collection box. Bring is a project that implements material recycling, which is to make clothes from clothes. We aim to solve global environmental problems and resource problems by reusing about 52 million tons of clothes that are thrown away annually. "SDGs | Goal 12 Responsibility to make and use Responsibility"

・ Carbon offset of athlete movement (not implemented in the test version)
It's a sport that creates a lot of excitement, but it uses a lot of energy behind it. Traveling from Japan to Europe by plane, traveling by car or train within Europe, such a lot of energy used is calculated by Co2 emissions, and Co2 for one season is offset. In cooperation with Shimokawa Town from 2021, we will reduce Co2 released to the world by purchasing carbon dioxide emission credits at J-VER.
"SDGs | Goal 13 Specific Measures for Climate Change"

・ Naometer crew
By fighting ski jumps together, the Naometer crew can do their best. And by enjoying the SDGs together, we can bring the world closer to a more sustainable society. The more enjoyable the crew is, the more peace the world will come to. "SDGs | Goal 17 Achieve Goals with Partnerships"


in Naometer.