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Soratobu OÜ


Capital: 2,500 Euros


Business Description: Soratobu OÜ is a company specialized in athlete support, with a particular focus on social network marketing. Our mission is to provide digital marketing strategies that help athletes maximize their brand power and strengthen their relationships with fans and sponsors.


SNS Marketing: We provide a wide range of SNS marketing support, including creating content tailored to the athlete's personality and goals, strengthening engagement with followers, increasing brand awareness, and helping to attract sponsorships. This allows athletes to effectively tell their stories and expand their fan base through digital platforms.


Company Address: Estonia


Mission: Soratobu OÜ's mission is to provide comprehensive support to athletes to help them reach their full potential. We employ an approach based on the latest scientific findings and practices to create the optimal environment for each athlete to achieve their individual goals.


VISION: We aim to be a trusted partner for athletes around the world to push beyond their own limits and reach new heights.

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