You can change,It's okay to fail

Hello! It's Naoking!

It's hot, hot, hot these days. .. .. .. It looks like summer heat. .. .. ..

I'm practicing well! It's crunchy!

Preparing for the summer ski jumping season.

It's such a big deal, but recently I talked to a player who was in sync (I suddenly had a video chat, lol), and I just talked to him.

The topic that came up in such a situation made me think very much, so I shared it a little.

"Is it scary to change? If you don't shake it off, it won't start."

It was a conversation that started with such a word.

It was a story of jumping normally, but it gradually became like a view of life. The jumps we are doing and the society in which we live are always changing so that we can be ourselves now, and by constantly changing we can fight in the World Cup. That's why it's no good as it is. In light of what the player achieved, it was a very heavy word, and I think it was a very prepared word.

Of course, there are many failures in that, but the one with stagnant change is defeated from the game. The one who fails will survive!

I will talk more about it in the salon! Lol

A little private story will come in.

Conclusion. People fighting in the world are living while changing!

It's just the beginning of a hot day, so I wonder if I should make iced coffee instead of just drinking hot coffee.