Recruitment of partners  

Official partner

The official top partner is a “partner” who understands the activities of the team and SDGs, contributes sponsorship, and advances in the same direction as the team. We will strengthen the team based on the sponsorship money, work to become a team loved by Hokkaido, Japan, and the world, and we will help to increase the value of our partner companies. The condition is that the amount of sponsorship is 3 million yen (A) 3.6 million yen (B) 1.8 million yen (C). (Photo below) Since the company name is displayed on uniforms and training wear during games, there is a lot of exposure, and we can expect a significant increase in recognition. Many supporters will support the partner companies. We will apply to the All Japan Ski Federation for exposure in international competitions and confirm that we will not compete with the All Japan Ski Association sponsors. For more information, please contact us directly.

Team partners

Team Partners are the ones who support the team as the second only position after Official Partners.

The condition is 6 companies with a sponsorship amount of 840,000 yen (E, F) 720,000 yen (G, H) 600,000 yen (I, J). The company name (product name) can be widely exposed by advertising such as training wear, SNS, and YouTube. Like the official partners, many supporters will support the partner companies. For more information, please contact us directly.

Relationship partners

This category covers retail stores, restaurants, business establishments, offices, etc. Once you register, you can use the benefits of registration to carry out sales promotion activities at each store or office. The sponsorship money will be used as part of team management and player reinforcement costs. For details, please check from the online salon sports team Flying Laboratory.


It is necessary to provide skis, tools for competition, and other items used by athletes to maximize their performance. The player will decide what to use.

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