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What is FlyingLaboratory

+Skijump funs Community

Ski jumper Naoki Nakamura's community that goes through the process to become the best Skijumper in the world.



+THE SDGs Community

A community that challenges SDGs, creates our future and everyone's happiness.




  • Access to valuable connections

  • Trusted insights from others' experiences

  • A supportive & fun community

You'll get:


Exclusive content

  • Invite to join our Facebook group

  • Real-time communication (idle chatter)

  • Live streaming (behind the scenes of the World Cup)

  • Online events (tea parties, social events, eclectic radio)

  • Offline events (Naoki's tour to everyone's town)

  • Souvenir events (from Japan to the world, from the world to Japan)

  • Various projects (Naometer, carbon offsetting of movement, )

  • Lots of friends (we can have fun together, we can work together)


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expose everything.

Challenge everyone

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move carbon offset

My dream.
"To make everyone in the world happy by ski jumping".
Naoking will not be hidden in this community. Whether I'm frustrated or happy, I expose everything. This community is a process to reach our dreams, a companion to fight together, and a family to make happiness together.
I want to change the world with my favorite ski jump. I want to change the world with my favorite sport, ski jumping, so I want everyone to try together with what they like and what they are good at.

In 2020, we shared the joy of the World Championships. When I wasn't selected for the individual competition, I live-streamed that I was sorry, I wasn't good enough, but everyone encouraged me to do my best, and I never stopped practicing. When I was preparing to do my best for everyone, my coach asked me if I could fly in the team competition. He asked me if I could, and I said yes. I was glad that I was preparing for everyone. I was fourth in the team competition, but it was an important match in my life.

In the Flying Laboratory, I'm sharing my challenges and doing one more important thing. It is a challenge that we do together. We question, investigate, and discuss the commonplace around us.


In the midst of all this, the carbon offset for transportation was born. Athletes may be shining on the surface, but they are actually putting a lot of stress on the earth. Isn't that strange? So we thought about how we could reduce the impact to zero. The answer was carbon offsetting. In addition, I am working on a carbon offset project in Shimokawa, the town of ski jumping (where Kasai and Ito were born). The project to offset the energy of athletes was realized.

As you can see, I take things that come up in my daily conversations very seriously.
Others talk about what they like and what they love (Eclectic Radio), and make friends by getting to know you. No one is fooled in this communitie. This is a proposal for a new way of life where people who like each other respect each other, and this leads to a sustainable society.