Do the power of the world to do things that you can't do alone!

By interacting with ski jumper Naoki Nakamura and Fellow, we are a LABORATORY that aims to achieve dreams and goals by creating chemical reactions that take advantage of individual strengths and abilities. I believe that the power of this chemical reaction will allow us to do things that could not be done by one person alone. Let's take off into a better world while enjoying the approach together with the aim of achieving gold medals and SDGs!

Now, let's take a flight to our dream. Start September 1

The procedure for payment of the monthly membership fee skips to campfire.

Online community type sports team


What is an online community?

・Online salon is a community developed on the web with a monthly fee system. online salon

EX) Horie Innovation University, Ryohiro Nishino Entertainment Research Institute, Minowa Editing Room, etc.

What is a sports team?

・Sports teams (club teams) are generally run by individual membership fees by members, sponsorship association organizations, advertising revenue from supporting companies, and support from local municipalities.

EX) Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, Consadole Sapporo, Imabari FC

Online community

Sports team



It is a LABORATORY (laboratory/laboratory) that causes a chemical reaction based on individual strengths and skis gathered by interacting with ski jumper Naoki Nakamura and fellow (fellow/companion/researcher).

With this chemical reaction, we may be able to do things that could not be done by one person alone. Aim to achieve your own gold medal and SDGs, enjoy the approach together and take off to a better world!

​To the online community

▼Provided content

1. Exchange in facebook group

We invite you to a Facebook group for salon members only. Team members can interact with each other within the Facebook group.

Within the group, we will hold exchanges between members, live streaming of Naoki Nakamura, sharing of ski jump information, and SDGs study sessions.

2.regular meetings, exchange meetings

You can participate in regular meetings where guests are invited to talk with each other, and online and offline exchange meetings to deepen fellowship among members.

Interview guest (planned)

Picture book writer Sora-san
Picture book author working hard in the same Hokkaido. We have started to tackle environmental problems, and talked about that and how it was like for the first time, together with the achievements of the person himself.

We will also invite you to a practice tour as part of the exchange meeting.

You can see the ski jump practice of salon owner Naoki Nakamura. In addition to the tour, we will also guide and explain.

3. Activities as a sports team

As one of the members, you can participate in the activities of the gold medal at the Olympics and the SDGs beyond that.

[Public relations activities (planned)]

・Video (YouTube channel production)

Talk with ZOOM, shoot and edit the video of a game from all over the world, and throw the plan you want to do overseas. A video team that connects and sends images

・Design writing (editing activity report)

Image For people who cannot be communicated online or digitally, it conveys the raw voice and the feelings of the person in the form of a magazine that can be read easily. Put the joy and regret that you cannot express yourself in the photo and text.

・Event planning and production

Participate in SDGs events such as the Eco Chill event that is held every year at Sapporo Dome and think about SDGs. We rent a booth and plan exhibitions and hands-on corners where you can see, hear and touch sports and SDGs. (Cancelled due to 2020 coronavirus)

Participate in various competitions held in various places.

・Create partnership guide

The partnership as a sports team is also shared within the online salon. People who want to be sponsored from now on, and those who think about how to convey their current activities will also practice based on the case of Naoki Nakamura.

[Activities for the SDGs (planned)]

We will share the efforts of each person within the Facebook group.
In addition, as a team, we are working on product development (planning, development, and sales of products that use recycled plastic and organic materials). To go.

4. Relationship partners (for corporations and individuals)

As an official partner, this system is for companies and individuals who work together on the SDGs and aim for the future.

・Post logo on the website (relationship partner)

・Presentation of original goods (planned)

Now, let's take a flight to our dream. Start September 1

The procedure for payment of the monthly membership fee skips to campfire.

Notes on joining

  • This online salon requires pre-enrollment.

  • For the member information, please register with your full name.

  • Only those who can keep confidential information without leaking internal information can join.

  • Regardless of whether it is inside or outside the online salon, if there is an act that disturbs the order of the community, such as operation, slander or damage to a specific member, or vandalism, you may be forced to withdraw.

  • ​Please check and agree to the Terms of Service before applying.

For withdrawal

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    We will process your withdrawal within approximately 7 days after we contact you to request withdrawal.

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