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◆ Outline

Schedule November 2020 to October 2021 (until the final round of the Summer World Cup)

November 2020-March 2021 Winter season

July 2021 to October 2021 summer season


Main dates

To the FIS (World Ski Association) homepage.


◆ Sponsor categories and benefits















The prices shown do not include consumption tax.


● Logo at the time of competition

Fans who come to watch the competition, those who watch the TV, with logos posted on skis, helmets, and necks during expedition sponsored by the All Japan Ski Association, World Cup, World Championship, All Japan Championship, etc. PR to the participants of the tournament is possible.


Logo specifications

A 200㎠ × 2 (skis)

B 50㎠ × 1 (headgear)

C 20㎠ × 1 (neck)


* All Japan Ski Association approval is required. The approval procedure will be performed here. We may refuse to compete with existing sponsors of the All Japan Ski Association.

● Practice / Media logo

To those who are practicing during activities other than sponsored by the All Japan Ski Association, such as during practice, games, interviews and events (tourists such as Okurayama), those watching TV, those who participate in events PR is possible.


Logo specifications

D ~ I 50㎠ × 1 (clothes)


* The height of the logo will change in the order of D, G / E, H / F, I.

In principle, we do not exclude competitors from our partner sponsors.


● SNS posting

We will review the services and products of the sponsor companies on SNS (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.) owned by Naoki Nakamura. Please refer to the sponsor guide for SNS reach numbers.


● Posted on HP

The logo of the sponsor company will be posted on the player introduction page of the joint venture Flying Laboratory. It is possible to publicize to those who have come to the homepage to know the players, those who have come to see the athlete activities.


● Limited group invitation

You can participate in the online community #Rafu Katsu, which is run by Naoki Nakamura, ski jumpers, and 4 sports trainers. # Rough Katsu means that athletes and sports trainers can communicate daily about exercise and health, and use online services such as ZOOM to move their body together with athletes. Employees of sponsor companies can join for 500 yen a month for 0 yen. Please use it as part of your welfare program.

# Rough Katsu


◆ Cumulative preferential treatment system for supporting members and sponsors

Based on the difference in benefits depending on the sponsor category, we will consider the arrangement within the same sponsor category to the sponsor who has been supporting us for many years. Specifically, the priority is calculated from the categories and years of sponsors and reflected. Priority is applied to the order of logos. Please note that the calculation method of priority is not disclosed.


◆ Accounting

It can be treated as "advertising expenses".

We will publish an advertising report every year.

◆ How to apply

● In case of official sponsor / partner sponsor

We are accepting by email.



● For sponsors

Please purchase a sponsorship ticket from Tsuku Tsuku Web Ticket.

We will email you after your purchase.


● Contact: (Responsible for sponsorship)